Data Quality is imperative to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a process that, sooner or later, all organisations and companies that want to keep pace with the current technological evolution must face. It is, therefore, about taking advantage of the potential of digital technologies in order to reinvent the organisation itself, adapting processes, products and business models, to user, consumer and employee demands, which are increasingly digital. Just like the rest of the world, Mexico is on the verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is a great opportunity for it to be, in the next few years, among the world´s leading economies, along with Germany, China and the United States.

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Data quality and key concepts in the Big Data environment

How much data is generated on the Internet in one minute? Every time a user signs up to a social network, answers a customer satisfaction survey or fills in a form for a product, enormous quantities of data are gathered: names, surnames, addresses, emails, etc., but also tastes, purchasing power and education. Without some form of established order, databases become barely effective or even useless. In order to avoid the chaos and maintain high quality data, not only is it important to implement effective measures, but it is also convenient to become familiar with the concepts that have arisen in the Big Data environment.

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DEYDE, award for Best Business Software

At the last edition of the Comunicación Hoy awards, the technology multinational for Data Quality, DEYDE, once again for the third year running received the award in the Business Software Category, for its DEYDE MyDataQ-OnLine solution.

This latest edition was held on 6 April in Madrid, with the aim of recognising different technological solutions and products. The distinguishing factor of the award winner was the innovation, quality and productivity of their services, revolutionising the current ICT market.

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DEYDE appoints Alberto Jiménez as the new Sales Director for LATAM

DEYDE, a leader in data quality technology, continues to strengthen its international strategy by appointing Alberto Jiménez Sánchez as the new Commercial Director for LATAM. Thus, among his responsibilities, in addition to those of the commercial management to promote the business in Latin America, Jiménez will be responsible for coordinating professional teams in the region, through collaborative enrichment, in order to seek greater involvement in them and Continue with the growth marked in the DEYDE strategy.

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DEYDE continues with its international expansion with DEYDE Chile Calidad de Datos

DEYDE, a technology multinational in Data Quality, continues advancing in its international career with the opening of a new office in Santiago de Chile, through a Chilean-Spanish company, called DEYDE Chile Calidad de Datos. In this manner, with the new company formed by DEYDE and three Chilean partners, Juan Paulo Labarca, Enrique Gallardo and Claudio Fuentes, those responsible for managing the business in Chile, the company aims to quickly consolidate the brand in this market.

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