DEYDE, the technology multinational in Data Quality, is currently experiencing a process of full growth in both Spain and Latin America. Its turnover has increased by more than 10% in Spain, and it has experienced an increase in revenue of over 50% in the LATAM market compared to the previous year, increasing its total turnover by 20%.

This achievement has been possible thanks to its organic growth strategy and capacity for additional services, as well as its ambitious nature in international business, reflected in the opening of subsidiaries in Mexico and Colombia. Given the success of its internationalisation, DEYDE recently announced the opening of DEYDE offices in Chile, continuing with its expansion model.

“After 15 years on this path, we continue to grow at a good pace. And this progression is not simply a coincidence, but is based on three solid foundations: a recognised product for which demand is continuously growing, a commercial and expansion strategy that has allowed us to pass on the advantages of data quality to companies around the world, and a multidisciplinary team fully committed to the project” states Luis Martínez, Managing Director of DEYDE. “From here on, the objective  we have set ourselves for the coming years is to consolidate and grow in these new markets, create alliances that allow us to offer similar solutions in any part of the world and extend the capacities of MyDataQ with our own and/or third-party solutions so that it becomes the global Data Quality Expert System of reference”.

In addition, and thanks to the new and better functionality integrated into its in-house developed software, MyDataQ, there has been a notable increase in the number of customers placing their trust in this solution to develop a complete Data Quality cycle. DEYDE processes more than 500 million records around the world every year and has more than 300 satisfied users, mostly large, global corporations such as Allianz, AT&T, BBVA, Mapfre and Santander. DEYDE offers its services to a variety of sectors, such as banking and insurance, which represents around 55% of its turnover.

It is true that majority of its turnover is in Spain, however, its dynamic outlook, highlighted by the different international subsidiaries, such as DEYDE México, it is forecast that this will balance out in the short term, and become the reverse over the next few years. Within this context, the outlook is very positive for 2017, with DEYDE having forecast a 20% increase with regard to turnover internationally.

DEYDE and its team of specialist engineers are constantly looking for new functions to include among its services, such as the incorporation of new data processing modules, enrichment with external information, visualisation, analysis, profiling, data monitoring, integration and connectors with third-party software, to name but a few.

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