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• With its MyDataQ solution, DEYDE has for more than 15 years been offering a series of products in order to improve the quality of organisations’ databases

• DEYDE is in the best position to be able to offer a solution which until now was practically non-existent in the Chilean market


DEYDEa technology multinational in Data Quality, continues advancing in its international career with the opening of a new office in Santiago de Chile, through a Chilean-Spanish company, called DEYDE Chile Calidad de Datos.

In this manner, with the new company formed by DEYDE and three Chilean partners, Juan Paulo Labarca, Enrique Gallardo and Claudio Fuentes, those responsible for managing the business in Chile, the company aims to quickly consolidate the brand in this market.

Juan Paulo Labarca, Country Manager of DEYDE Chile Calidad de Datos, considers that “Chile is a stable country, with a mature information market and has an advanced technological level, which is growing on a daily basis. This fact, as well as a growing investment by the local corporate market in technological tools which facilitate the development and success of their businesses, have been important catalysts for DEYDE when choosing Chile as a gateway to opening new markets”.


A market of opportunities

DEYDE, with its MyDataQ solution, has for more than 15 years been offering a series of products aimed at improving the quality of databases: the standardisation and correction of names and postal addresses, obtaining a single customer view through the detection of duplicate data, the geographic positioning of postal addresses and the validation of contact methods, such as telephone numbers or email addresses.

“Our plan in the short term is to replicate the success cases of Spain, Mexico and Colombia, starting out with a solid base module to demonstrate that our product will mark a difference in the treatment and quality of data”, assures Enrique Gallardo, Sales Director of DEYDE Chile Calidad de Datos“MyDataQ allows companies to be more efficient, reduce costs and permanently improve the quality of their Data. In the medium term, we need to incorporate more products into our range in order to expand coverage and position ourselves as a leader in Data Quality products”.

In this regard, and considering the contribution that DEYDE can make to the market, the initial idea is to provide guidance to the business regarding the large users of information in sectors such as finance, retail, insurance, telecommunications, basic services or government, and also reaching the large processors and holders of data such as credit bureaus.


MyDataQ, a tool for data standardisation

Using its technological development MyDataQ, DEYDE can simplify and improve this procedure as it is capable of processing between 1 and 3 million records per hour, with a high percentage of assertiveness in the standardisation of data. Bearing the above in mind and the fact that today many companies are increasingly using their customers’ data in order to provide them with a better service and care (loyalty models, initiation, payment collection, rents, expanding range, more efficient point of sale or timely delivery, etc) or making use of new data when searching for new customers (canvassing for new customers, opening new branches, or risk maps), DEYDE offers many opportunities in this segment.

“In order to meet their targets, companies are more and more often using new and better technological tools that require prior Data Quality treatment so that they may be used on these new platforms, such as the georeferencing of data”, informs Claudio Fuentes, Director of O&T at DEYDE Chile Calidad de Datos“With the arrival of automated tools on the market for Data Quality (de-duplication and standardisation of data for example), DEYDE is in the best position to be able to offer a solution which until now was practically non-existent on the Chilean market”.

DEYDE Chile Calidad de Datos has already initiated a series of meetings with several of its partners from Spain, Mexico and Colombia, which with a strong presence in Chile will help this company gain a foothold in this market.

“We want to contribute to the development of the treatment of information with new technologies that require automated Data Quality tools, with low processing times and minimum errors, thus allowing companies to become more efficient with lower costs”, concludes Juan Paulo Labarca.

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