At the last edition of the Comunicación Hoy awards, the technology multinational for  Data Quality, DEYDE, once again for the third year running received the award in the Business Software Category, for its DEYDE MyDataQ-OnLine solution.

This latest edition was held on 6 April in Madrid, with the aim of recognising different technological solutions and products. The distinguishing factor of the award winner was the innovation, quality and productivity of their services, revolutionising the current ICT market.

DEYDE continues with its innovative trajectory

DEYDE Calidad de Datos, has so far had a successful run at the Comunicación Hoy Awards  thanks to its continual innovation. In 2015 it received the award in the Category for Best Banking and Insurance ICT Project for its project “Reale, Customers’ Data Quality”. Then, in 2016, MyData Dedupe 2015 was selected as the best solution in the Spanish Technology Category, and finalist in the Business Software Category for its MyDataQ software.

DEYDE’s MyDataQ-OnLine  solution was recognised as a SaaS mode (Software as a Service) data quality tool for the cleansing, deduplication and profiling of Data, with further recognition of its capacity to eliminate complex installation and updating procedures traditionally required by Data Quality systems.

Best Business Software

Continuing along the line for improving database optimisation processes, DEYDE MyDataQ-Online is a complete application that stands out for the  standardisation, cleansing and correction  of names, postal addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. At the same time, it also identifies duplicate records on databases; identifying people living at the same address; and enriching postal addresses with geographic, typological or cadastral data for the purposes of obtaining a postal address using a set of X-Y coordinates.

Thanks to its graphic interface with an assistant, MyDataQ-Online is comfortable and easy to use throughout the whole process, from importing the data from different formats such as CSV, XLS, XLSX or TXT to the subsequent processing and generation of statistics.

At the same time, MyDataQ-Online is available to all users and can be accessed via the Internet, allowing them to work autonomously and quickly.

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